Accounting Love Song ;)

Accountants in love

I’m feeling lonely, I know you are too

‘Cause every time that we’re apart my love it accrues

And it’s so taxin’ when you’re not around

I can’t defer my feelings, girl, I get so down

I can’t stop thinkin’ ’bout you, girl I’ve tried

But my opinion of you is unqualified

I like the way you make your assets move

You make me want to crunch some numbers with you

Accountants in love (love)

LYRICS pt 2:

Now I’m side steppin’ so I’ll get to the point

If my name was Touche you would be my Deloitte

And I think that you really should know

How bad I, want to check your internal controls

Accountants in love (love)

Girl I hate to be cliche

But you’re the one that I’ve been dreaming of

I could sit here and itemize

All the reasons that I fell in love